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Manan Foundation is a professionally managed non-profit organization founded in October 2005 with a mission to enrich the community through education and promoting togetherness in spreading positive energy in the community.


Based in Tangerang, Banten - Indonesia, Manan Foundation was founded by Robert Manan as Chairman and Fify Manan as Co-Chair.


Founding Board:

  • Manan Family

  • Management Manan Group

  • MG-Sys Union


To instil the spirit of tolerance and creativity as a lifestyle in our society to achieve a more harmonious, healthy, intelligent and prosperous life.


Promoting togetherness in spreading positive energy in our community.


  1. Equal opportunities to learn and develop in all aspects of life.

  2. Caring and mutual respect in the community through equal rights & duties.

  3. Responding to differences with harmony.

  4. Honest, open & responsible in every action.

  5. Provide positive impact to the community.

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