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Zona Sehat Harmonis is a weekly routine activity in mobilizing the community to address societal differences with harmony and embracing the spirit of tolerance and gotong royong (mutual assistance) through the following activities:

  1. Interfaith Prayers

  2. A-robic: Archipelago Aerobic, gymnastics movements inspired by Indonesian dances

  3. ALD: Archipelago Line Dance, dance movements inspired by Indonesian dances

  4. ArGa: Achipelago Yoga inspired by Pencak Silat

IANnews is a program that builds positive community energy through online media and job vacancy information.

Nusantara Institute of Technology (NIT) is an integrated technology education institute with a mission to equip people with technology-based skills.

Taman Wawasan Nusantara is a learning park of excellent Indonesia.

Indonesia Archipelago Fest is a culture and creativity festival with the goal of preserving and developing Indonesia’s cultural values.

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